What to Expect


Your cat’s annual wellness exam will include a through physical exam looking at the eyes, ears, teeth, gums, heart, lungs, abdomen, skin, and haircoat. We follow the AAFP’s recommendations for feline vaccines. If a dental cleaning is needed, we can discuss setting up an appointment to have this done. For senior cats (Cats over the age of 10), we recommend twice yearly visits and full blood work a least once a year. The blood work includes a complete blood cell count, chemistry to look at organ function, and a thyroid level. Based on the exam, we may also recommend other screening tests including blood pressure and urinalysis. We recommend bringing a fecal sample with you for the annual exam.

For a visit due to illness, the doctor will ask a list of questions to try to determine what is making your cat sick. It is useful to know how often and how much your pet is eating, what kind of food he/she eats, how much or how often he/she is drinking, if he/she is doing any vomiting or having any loose stool, or exhibiting any other abnormal behavior. The doctor will perform a complete physical exam and recommend diagnostics and/or treatment based on the findings. Sometimes a referral to a specialist is warranted.


Pre exam Patient Questionnaire2