Surgical Procedures

We perform elective surgeries such as spays and neuters as well as surgery to diagnose or treat disease such as mass removals and cystotomies (bladder surgeries). We do not perform declaw surgeries (see this link for alternatives).

Because surgery requires anesthesia, we require that all cats have a health screening prior to anesthesia. This includes at least a physical exam. For routine surgeries we strongly encourage pre-operative blood work to look at kidney and liver function. For non-elective surgeries, we require full blood work to be performed prior to anesthesia. We will discuss all of this during your cat’s exam and surgery consultation.

We will ensure your cat is pain free during and after surgery. Your pet will be sent home with pain medication to be given orally for several days afterward. Most surgeries require your cat to be quiet and calm until they are fully healed and any sutures can be removed. Sutures are typically removed 10-14 days after the procedure at no additional charge.

What age do you recommend my cat get spayed or neutered?

We recommend spaying a female cat by five months of age.

This is about the time most female cats start to go into heat and can get pregnant. Spaying before the first heat cycle is also protective against mammary cancer in the future.

We recommend neutering a male cat by six months of age. This is about the time male cats can start to spray and show more aggression.

What is recovery from a spay or neuter like?

After a spay, your cat will need to be kept quiet with no extreme activity for two weeks. At that time, the sutures will be removed and your cat can go back to her normal activity.

After a neuter, your cat can resume normal activity in 2-3 days.

Why do you not declaw cats?

We believe it is best for a cat’s long term health to not be declawed. It is also now illegal in St. Louis County to declaw cats.

What are some declawing alternatives?

See our page about declawing alternatives here.


From Our Visitors

“They’ve taken such great care of my babygirl Rona! We love the team here. They’ve even sent her home with a little toy before! Great people.”  

– Elizabeth

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