The Cat Clinic in St. Louis, MO (West County) is a full-service feline-only veterinary hospital.  Our mission is to provide the highest quality veterinary care for your cat in a relaxed setting. We provide complete medical care including preventive care, early detection and treatment of disease, dental care, and surgical care. We are devoted to compassionate individualized care for both our patients and their care givers. We understand that your cat is not just a pet, but a member of the family. Our number one priority is to help your cat live a happy and healthy life for as long as possible. Please call the office to schedule an appointment!

***Please Read***

NEW Mandatory curbside COVID-19 Policy:

As things are ever evolving with the virus outbreak, we will be again be making some very important changes to how we handle visits at the clinic. These policies are brought about due to updated guidelines by the American Veterinary Medical Association in an effort to keep everyone as safe as possible during this time. Please note that we will remain open to care for your cat as long as our staff are all in good health!
Here are the new clinic guidelines until further notice:
1. We will not allow anyone besides staff in the clinic for appointments or medication pick ups. Please see the details on this below. We need to have minimal face to face contact and will maintain distance as we take in and release cats. The only exception to this will be euthanasia appointments. These will still be done in person in an exam room.
2. You absolutely must bring your cat in a carrier for safe travel from your car into the clinic and hand off at the door. Please let us know if you need help with how to get your cat in a carrier.
3. We will be postponing any routine visits that are not essential at this time. For the most part if your cat is feeling well and only needs a routine check up or nail trim we will have you schedule at a later time. Rabies vaccination is still considered essential and we will still be seeing these appointments.
4. If you or anyone you have had close contact with has traveled in the last 2 weeks, has been ill with a respiratory illness, or has been diagnosed with COVID-19, please let us know ASAP when you call for your appointment.
For anesthetic procedures:
1. We will email you the anesthetic/procedure release form prior to your appointment. Please print this out at home, fill it out, and either email it back or bring it with you when you drop off your cat. If you are unable to do this, we can also meet you at your car with a clipboard and form to sign.
2. Call us when you arrive: 314-991-3131
3. We will meet you at the clinic door to get your cat for the procedure
4. We will communicate with you throughout the day by phone
5. We will call you before you pick up to get payment over the phone or let you know your total if you are paying by cash or check
6. Call us when you arrive for pickup and we will meet you at the clinic door with your cat
For appointments:
1. Call us when you arrive: 314-991-3131
2. We will confirm your cat’s needs and get a medical history over the phone
3. We will direct you to bring your cat in a carrier to the clinic door and then have you wait in your car for the remainder of the time. If you would prefer not to wait, you can also drop off and pick up later in the day, no later than 4:30pm
4. We will go over treatment details and give you updates over the phone
5. We will call you for payment over the phone or to give you your total if you are paying by cash or check
6. We will meet you at the clinic door to give you your cat
For food or medication pick ups:
1. Please call us before you come to let us know what you need. We will get your order ready and take payment over the phone prior to your arrival. If you are paying by cash or check we will let you know the amount due prior to your arrival and can get this from you when you arrive
2. Call us when you arrive in the parking lot and we will meet you at the door with your order

Thank you for your understanding during this time. We know this will be more work for everyone, but we truly believe that if we all do our part now we will be better off in the future. Please let us know if you have any questions.




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