We provide limited grooming services by appointment including nail trims and sanitary shaves. We also offer full body shave downs for cats that are very matted and require sedation.

For cats that do not require sedation, we recommend taking your cat to a professional groomer who handles cats. 

Please call for more information.

What causes dandruff?

Dandruff can be a sign of poor grooming or poor diet. It is caused by dry or thin fur. If your cat is overweight, losing weight may help him or her groom more frequently and have less dandruff. Switching your cat to a higher quality food can also help. Dandruff can also be a sign of internal disease such as diabetes.

Does my cat need to be bathed?

Most cats do not require regular bathing. The exception is hairless or thin hair cats that have oily skin or older cats that are not grooming appropriately. 

How often should my cat's nails be trimmed?

We recommend trimming nails once per month. This is especially important for senior cats who do not shed their nails as well and can end up with thickened, curled nails.

What is the best way to remove mats from my cat's fur coat?

Electric clippers designed for animals is the best tool to use. We do not recommend using scissors due to the risk of cutting the skin as well.

What brush is best?

For a short haired cat, we recommend a furminator type brush to help get rid of the undercoat. For a long haired cat, a combination of a rake, comb and furminator can be used to help brush out mats and get the undercoat.


From Our Visitors

“Dr. Cacciottoli has been wonderful. So far we’re really happy we picked this vet. Being somewhere without dogs reduces the stress on our cats.”  

– Aaron

“The doctor and nurse are caring, treated my kitten and me well, did not push us to get products or services like many other vets.”

– Jimena