New Clients

Update September 27, 2021:  We are now accepting new clients.

If you have not been to our clinic before, here are some helpful tips.

Please call us to make an appointment. We will need to know your name, phone number, your cat’s name, age, breed, color, and what he or she is coming in for. 

We require a $70 non-refundable deposit to schedule an appointment. This will be used towards your exam fee when you come for the appointment. If you do not bring your cat to the appointment, you will forfeit the deposit. We can reschedule if needed.

At this time we are booked out at least 8 weeks for a new client appointment. If your cat requires more immediate care, please seek care at one of the emergency clinics in the area.

Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment to fill out paperwork. We will have you fill out a new client and new patient form as well as our policies and procedures form that you can find in our “About” drop down under “Forms”.

Please bring medical records from your past veterinarian or the shelter or rescue if newly adopted. It is very helpful to see the doctor’s notes, blood work, and x-rays if applicable and not just the invoices showing what you paid. If we do not have a complete medical record at the time of your appointment, it can delay our treatment or plan for your cat as we will then need to gather the information. You can also have your past clinic email records in advance of your appointment to frontdesk@catclinicstl.com. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at (314) 991-3131!